Painters and Lacquerers

Werkstoffe - Arbeitstechniken - Gestaltung
Painters and Lacquerers

Painters and Lacquerers

Werkstoffe - Arbeitstechniken - Gestaltung
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5. Edition

Europa-Nr.: 44368

ISBN 978-3-8085-4479-2


Fachwissen Maler und Lackierer
Language: German

The book is a textbook and reference book for painters, paint sprayers and lacquerers during vocational training and in everyday practice. Also the fundamentals of vehicle paint sprayer and building and object coater apprenticeships are taken into consideration. Due to its distinct structure, the book is recommendable for exam preparation and self-study and is a very valuable reference book.

Technical leaflets that are very useful to practise the processing of customer orders constitute a particular feature of this book. They have been developed on the basis of codes of practice and provide information about the most important coating materials.

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