Instrumental Analysis- Theory and Practice

Theorie und Praxis
Instrumental Analysis- Theory and Practice

Instrumental Analysis- Theory and Practice

Theorie und Praxis
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3. Edition

Europa-Nr.: 72116

ISBN 978-3-8085-7216-0


Instrumentelle Analytik
Language: German

Introductory instruction andexercise book for Instrumental Analysis on a modern, up-to-date basis. Main focus on: Principles of the Measuring and Seperation Methods of Instrumental Analysis: Description of Equiment and Metrology; Instructionsfor Spectra Interpretaion; Sampling and Quality Assurance. Contains 141 sample tasks and 264 exercises with complete solutions.
Particular emphasis is placed in visual appeal, which is why all of the important physical-chmical laws and principles are explained in detail, step by step. This is supported by extensive illustrations.
Target groups: students at technical colleges and universities, further education.

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