Pictorial Atlas of Gene Expression

Pictorial Atlas of Gene Expression

Pictorial Atlas of Gene Expression

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1. Edition

Europa-Nr.: 54401

ISBN 978-3-8085-5440-1


Bildatlas Genexpression
Language: German

In nine chapters, the present revision guide describes the structural and the functional fundamentals of the most important genetic processes and the regulation of the gene expression systematically, concisely and in a well structured manner. The book primarily addresses students and university teachers.
After an introduction to the molecule classes, different sequence elements are presented. In addition, the organization of the most important chromosomal elements is described. Among other topics, the pictorial atlas focuses on genetic mechanisms. The second main chapter treats the regulation of gene expression. Based on examples, the different levels of regulation possibilities are presented, followed by information on signal processing and signal cascades as well as viruses. The last chapter provides supplementary information on selected subjects. The extensive annex encompasses a list of the acronyms used in the book, the subject index and the directory of reference literature.

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