Technical Mathematics for Professions in Chemistry

Technical Mathematics for Professions in Chemistry

Technical Mathematics for Professions in Chemistry

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6. Edition

Europa-Nr.: 71314

ISBN 978-3-8085-2556-2


Technische Mathematik für Chemieberufe
Language: German

This combined textbook and book of exercises on the subject of technical mathematics is intended both for use in schools and for professional training. It is especially suitable for training in positions involving responsibility for production in the chemical industry. As well as the mathematical fundamentals, the book above all gives the student knowledge of the specialised mathematics that is required in such professions, derived from the fields of chemistry, physics, chemical technology and measurement and control technology.

The calculations involved are shown in detail, in the light of illustrative examples. A wide-ranging collection of tasks is included for the student to practise on his own, to check the level he has reached or to prepare for examinations. He can also practise using the computer for the evaluation and graphic representation of process data, with examples typical of those that occur in the profession.

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