Visualised communication

Grafische Elemente, Typografie, Layout
Visualised communication

Visualised communication

Grafische Elemente, Typografie, Layout
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4. Edition

Europa-Nr.: 37756

ISBN 978-3-8085-3780-0


Visualisierte Kommunikation
Language: German

The practice-orientated and heavily illustrated textbook provides established basic information on the conception and design of printing and digital media, taking into consideration the respective communicative purpose and the target group.
Focus of the content: Visual perception, the effect of shape and colour, historical development and the technical foundations of the typeface, format and layout, corporate design, production process from the idea to the complete media product.
It explains the elementary fundamentals of design for the creation of numerous media products, from simple graphic symbols all the way to complex corporate designs.
Professions: Digital and print media designer, media technology assistant

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