Tables - Electrical Engineering

Tabellen - Formeln - Normenanwendungen
Tables - Electrical Engineering

Tables - Electrical Engineering

Tabellen - Formeln - Normenanwendungen
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29. Edition

Europa-Nr.: 30103

ISBN 978-3-8085-3785-5


Tabellenbuch Elektrotechnik
Language: German

The book "Tabellenbuch Elektrotechnik" is an indispensable reference book for teaching and professional practice. In spite of its wealth of material, this book is characterised by its clear and understandable presentation. Easy handling of the book is ensured by the thumb register and the extensive glossary. Among the contents: materials, connecting technology, environmental technology, technical communication, electrical systems, control systems, electric motors, digital technology, computer technology, components, modules, measurement, mathematics, physics, circuit theory, costs.

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